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Teatro Alfa - São Paulo - 1999

Zimbo Trio

Amilton Godoy - piano

Luiz Chaves - contrabaixo

Rubens Barsotti – bateria

Formed in 1964 in São Paulo by classically trained pianist Amilton Godoy, bassist/composer/orchestrator Luís Chaves, and drummer Rubinho (Rubens Barsotti).

They performed for the first time under the name of Zimbo Trio at Oásis nightclub in São Paulo, accompanying the famous actress and novice singer Norma Benguel in a show directed by Aluísio de Oliveira.

In 1965, the trio travelled to Lima and Buenos Aires, and it was at the festival of Mar del Plata, Argentina, they received the Cancioneiro das Américas award. They were then hired to perform regularly on the TV show 'O Fino da Bossa', produced by Elis Regina and Jair Rodrigues. The Zimbo Trio received awards for best soundtrack for the movies Noite Vazia (1965, Walter Hugo Khoury) and A Margem, (1967, Ozualdo Candeias).

In 1972, they toured Portugal and Spain with Elizete Cardoso. Accompanying the Brazilian singer Sílvia Maria on Adilson's "Heróica," The Zimbo Trio was awarded first prize at the Festival de Onda Nueva, Caracas, Venezuela. Since 1973 the trio has been in charge of the Centro Livre de Aprendizagem Musical (Free Center for Musical Studies), an entity dedicated to the teaching of a wide spectrum of musical styles.

With a career spanning 40 years, and more than 40 albums, including guest appearances, Zimbo Trio’s line-up has remained unchanged since its inception.



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