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This release presents two rare Johnny Hodges albums recorded outside of the Ellington setting, and both released on CD for the first time. The first, originally titled “Johnny Hodges” was issued in 1963, and features Argentinean pianist-composer, Lalo Schifrin, who contributes two compositions. This was the only collaboration ever recorded by these two artists. The bonus album is “The Eleventh Hour” (1962) featuring Hodges fronting a big band of winds & strings conducted and arranged by Oliver Nelson.

Total Time : 67:17 mins. - 21 tracks - includes 12-page booklet.

01. Mama Knows
02. I’m In Another World
03. Dreary Days
04. I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me
05. B. A. Blues
06. Wanderlust
07. All Too Soon
08. Somebody Loves Me
09. Away From You

10. Something To Live For
11. In A Sentiment Mood
12. I Didn’t Know About You
13. Guitar Amour
14. You Blew Out The Flame (in My Heart)
15. Theme From “the Eleventh Hour”
16. Love Song From “mutiny On The Bounty”
17. Solitude
18. Satin Doll
19. Don’t Blame Me
20. Prelude To A Kiss
21. Warm Valley

Johnny Hodges (as), Lalo Schifrin(p), Barry Galbraith (g), George Duvivier(b), Dave Bailey (ds), Ray Nance (vln), Bernie Leighton (p, org), Osie Johnson (ds), Oliver Nelson (arr) Recorded in New York, May 26, 1963/ Recorded in New York, August 6 & 15, 1962

Johnny Hodges (as) Bernie Leighton (p, org) unknown (g) George Duvivier (b) Osie Johnson (d) Ray Nance (vo -4) Oliver Nelson (arr, cond) unidentified strings
NYC, August 6 & 15, 1962
1. 62VK567 Something To Live For Verve V/V6 8492
2. 62VK568 In A Sentimental Mood -
3. 62VK569 I Didn't Know About You -
4. 62VK570 Guitar Amour -
5. 62VK571 You Blew Out The Flame In My Heart -
6. 62VK572 The Eleventh Hour Theme Verve VK 10265, V/V6 8492
7. 62VK573 Love Song From "Mutiny On The Bounty" Verve V/V6 8492
8. 62VK574 Solitude -
9. 62VK575 Satin Doll -
10. 62VK576 Don't Blame Me Verve VK 10265, V/V6 8492
11. 62VK577 Prelude To A Kiss Verve V/V6 8492
12. 62VK578 Warm Valley -

* Johnny Hodges - The Eleventh Hour (Verve V/V6 8492)
* Johnny Hodges - The Eleventh Hour Theme c/w Don't Blame Me (Verve VK 10265)
Coleman Hawkins Quartet

Johnny Hodges
New York City: March 26, 1963
Johnny Hodges (as); Lalo Schifrin (p); Barry Galbraith (g); George Duvivier (b); Dave Bailey (d).

a. (63VK349 (73L5939)) Wanderlust (Duke Ellington) - 7:17
b. (63VK350 (73L5941)) Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin/DeSylva/Macdonald) - 2:45
c. (63VK351 (73L5936)) Dreary Days (Lalo Schifrin) - 3:10
d. (63VK352 (73L5942)) Away From You (Johnny Hodges) - 3:30
e. (63VK353 (73L5940)) All Too Soon (Carl Sigman/Duke Ellington) - 3:19
f. (63VK354 (73L5934)) Mama Knows (Johnny Hodges) - 4:15
g. (63VK355 (73L5935)) I'm In Another World (Duke Ellington) - 2:47
h. (63VK356 (73L5937)) I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me
(Clarence Gaskill/Jimmy McHugh) - 4:57
i. (63VK357 (73L5938)) B.A. Blues (Lalo Schifrin) - 4:35

Note: All titles were scheduled for Verve V-8546 in 1963, but not released. Verve V6-8834 was released in 1973.

Issues: a-i on Verve V6-8834, Verve (Eur) 2304 186 (issued in 1973).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Eric Miller (remix/mastering supervisor). Angel Balestier (remix). Dennis Sands (mastering).
Notes: Leonard Feather.


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