miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009


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"Cheese", que pode ser considerada rock, jazz, blues ou rhythm & blues. A gravação foi feita ao vivo no auditório do jornal Folha de S. Paulo em dezembro de 1960 (e lançada em LP no ano seguinte) com Booker Pittman, vocal e saxofone alto; Dudu (dos Avalons), guitarra; Eduardo Vidossich, piano; Kurt Van Elgg, clarinete; Massao Ukon, trompete; Daniel, contrabaixo elétrico (ainda novidade no Brasil de então); Paulinho, bateria. A composição é de Booker, Dudu e Daniel

Just to let you know he recorded with Blanche Calloway in 1931, have the titles, Freddy Johnson in France in 1933 (have them on microgroove, CD and believe it or not, 78 rpm, his solos on tiger rag and Harlem madness are incredible). he played with harry cooper in 1934/5 (no recordings), then went to your country in 1935 with Romeu Silva (he may have recorded with Silva in Argentina in 1936 or so, however, I believe he was with Isidoro Benitz in 1936), then later with Dave Washington swing stars. by the late 30's he recorded privately with a bunch of Argentine swing musicians, and probably is on "Sweet Georgia Brown" on a 78 from 1943 with Henri Salvador and others. by 1945 he replaced a Mr Williams in Ahmed Ratip's Cotton Pickers (the best jazz band in Argentina IMHO), recorded with them (2 vocals a brief scat on "St Louis Blues" victor 60-1100 and "Somebody Stole My Gal"). this band had, along with Pittman, Hernan Oliva (a Chilean violinist who played with Oscar Aleman), and Ratip's excellent guitar. Booker then left Argentina around 1949 to farm in Brazil

01 - Hello Dolly (J. Herman)
02 - Broadway (H. Woode / T. Me Era / B. Bird)
03 - What Is The Thing Called Love (Cole Porter)
04 - Ain't Misbehavin (Walter / Razaf / Brooks)
05 - Lonesome Roas (N. Shilkret / G. Austin)
06 - Taste Of Honey (B. Scott)
07 - Balling The Jack (C. Smith)
08 - Petite Fleur (S. Bechet)
09 - Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen (Tradicional)
10 - Stereo Blues


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