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Montevideo en la obra del DUKE

During the month of December 1953, Duke Ellington made records for the Capitol label in Chicago and New York with a trio, a quartet, and the full-sized orchestra. Volume 45 in the Ellington stratum of the Classics Chronological Series makes available 21 selections from this wonderfully creative chapter in the lives of the Duke and his men. Seldom, if ever, have the big band and small group recordings from this segment of Ellington's career been reissued in chronological sequence. Over the years, for some reason, the titles "Montevideo" and "Night Time" have both been applied to the thrilling piece of work heard on track two. Inspired by the largest city in the country of Uruguay, this passionate Latin jazz workout is enlivened by the conga drumming of Ralph Collier. Track 20, accurately titled "Night Time," is a gorgeous nocturne written in collaboration with Billy Strayhorn. Tracks four, five, six, eleven and sixteen feature vocals by Jimmy Grissom, and trumpeter/violinist Ray Nance sings "Just A-Settin' and A-Rockin'." Those who desire the complete 1953 trio recordings of Duke Ellington (including the conga-driven quartet recording of "Montevideo") should most definitely seek out the Capitol album Piano Reflections.
~ arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide

Montevideo Ellington 2:35

"Montevideo" fue erroneamente titulado "Night Time" en todas sus ediciones en vinilo

Duke Ellington - Piano
Wendell Marshall - Contrabajo
Butch Ballard - Batería
Ralph Collier - Congas


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