sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009


Steve Grossman Tenor Saxophone/Gene Perla Bass, Keyboards and Guitar/Don Alias Drums, Congas, Guitar and Percussion/Santiago Giacobbe Piano/José Maria Loriente Congas, Bongos and Percussion
Daniel Binelli Bandoneon/Roberto Valencia Percussion
Recorded at Studio Netto,Buenos Aries by Jorge Da Silva/Produced by Nano Herrera and Gene Perla.

The result of a State Department funded trip down thru South America this album has an even stronger latin influenced sound and features guest artists from Argentina.There's a great percussion workout on "Amigos" with Don Alias doing what he did best,the lovely sound of the Bandoneon is introduced on "I'll Tell You Tomorrow" and,of course,the raw latin funk of Steve Grossman's "Graciela".
Stone Alliance never put a foot wrong for me,eschewing the commercial jazz funk of the day and producing a hard fusion of latin,funk and jazz which was always....All Killer,No Filler !!!

Gracias ORGY in rhythm


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"no son todos los que estan...ni estan todos los que son..."